Easy lingerie irritate the skin when hand washing. If the cleaning is not clean, the residual chemicals will also irritate the skin, and the alkaline substance will have a certain degree of clothing fiber. Destruction catwoman costume easy to yellow and old, it is pirate costume recommended to choose high-quality detergent cleaning, not easy to have residue, mild and non-irritating, protective vampire costume clothing color.
You can choose our little black dress laundry liquid, mild and safe little white dress suitable for a wide range of applications leather corset such as cotton, linen, silk, wool (cashmere, down, et.), synthetic teddy lingerie fiber, blended fabrics, etc., also babydoll lingerie suitable for infant clothes, underwear Wait for High waisted jeans close-fitting clothing.White clothing color stains are Sexy catwoman costume suitable for white cotton, linen Sexy pirate costume polyester, polyester cotton, cotton and linen Sexy leather corset fabrics. Do not use for colored underbust corset clothes including white stripe, white leather lingerie background, white background printing, not for silk wool spandex Sexy teddy lingerie nylon. And other non-chlorine bleaching clothes, do not use the stock solution directly.
2, color clothing color stains are Sexy babydoll lingerie suitable for easy to fade clothing, dry cleaning clothing, avoid contact with metal buttons, zippers, metal ornaments, etc. on clothing, avoid direct sunlight.