People are prone to sweating in summer. The sweat contains wastes such as urea and salt, and the sweat left on the lingerie is the trace of these wastes.
During the continuous metabolism of the epidermal cells of the skin, the decaying cells and the keratinous Cheap lingerie cortex often detach from the plus size corsets epidermis, and the sweat on the body Plus size corset tops detached. The sebum and dirt adhere to the close-fitting clothes Leather lingerie which may make the clothes dirty.
In addition, the sebaceous glands close Wholesale lingerie hair follicle Underbust corset secrete 20 to 40 grams of sebum every Corset tops forming a thin layer of lipid film Plus size underbust corsets evenly on the whole body Plus size lingerie wholesale surface, which plays Plus size clubwear role of moisturizing, heat Cheap leather lingerie preservation and skin care Leather corset However, these sebum secretions teddy lingerie are high-grade fatty acids and Plus size Halloween costumes cholesterol esters, which can be mixed with sweat Cheap plus size lingerie epidermis desquamation, dust, etc Plus size club dress and are attached to the clothes Plus size costumes fibers. If not removed in time Plus size lingerie the clothes can be gradually acidified and yellowed. If you do not replace or clean the clothes impregnated with sweat in the summer, it will cause mold growth, which Sexy plus size costumes will lead to people suffering from tinea Plus size club dresses Therefore, you should change your clothes after sweating in the summer Intimate clothing is recommended to be cleaned daily. The general washing powder and soap are alkaline.